LED Rear Combo Truck Lights Stop/Tail 9-33V. 222x96x34mm. Cable 0.5m.

CRL220LED series is a multi-function rear combination lamp featuring advanced LED optical free form reflector technology to achieve a highly styled robust lamp.  With the flexibility that allows customisation to match modern vehicle and trailer designs.

The CRL220LED series is made for heavy duty use and includes a high impact poly carbonate lens and strong ABS Base. ADR compliant for stop, rear position, direction indicator in a single compact package, the CRL220 series uses SmartClip™ end covers which offer upgradable options. This feature allows for custom options including coloured end clips, integration clips two combine two or three lamps as one and end reflectors for a fully compliant rear lighting solution. Suited to OEM and commercial applications.


• Free form optics
• High reliability design
• Innovative end clip upgrades
• Easy customised for specific applications
• Fully ADR compliant


Applications • Trucks • Rigid Bodies • Buses & Coaches • Trailers • Custom Builds
Functions Stop / Rear Position / Direction Indicator
Voltage 9-33V DC Varivolt®
Wattage Stop:3W
Rear Position:0.4W
Mounting Base mount with Smart Clip™ covers
Materials Polycarbonate Lens ABS Body
Environmental IP67 Hermetically Sealed
Cable Length 0.5M
Dimensions 222x96x34mm
ADR Compliance Stop & Rear Position:49/00, Rear Direction Indicator:6/00:Cat2a