HB4 LED Head Light Conversions. Your primary headlights are the single most important light source for night driving, and so if your headlights fail after a long day of hunting fishing or camping, the last thing we want is for you to park up until day break.

  • Rotatable Head so you can get the optimal focus point to your headlight reflector for maximal illumination and throw

This is why in our search for the ultimate LED headlight conversion system our criteria was first and foremost long term quality and reliability. We sampled, age and field tested over 20 different conversion kits from every end of the spectrum claims to quality, lumen, to finally settle on the STEDI Night Pilot LED Kit.

Operating Voltage: DC9-32V

Operating Life : Up to 30,000 hours

Operating Temp : -40 to +80 degrees centigrade


  • THERMAL MANAGEMENT – Quite literally the end all be all of all LED Lighting is thermal management. The inferior LED conversion kits use inexpensive non application specific fans which are prone to failure. 11 out of 20 we aged tested failed within 45 days. When the fan fails, the LED will fail shortly thereafter. The STEDI Night Pilot’s use a Japanese Ball Bearing Brush-less DC Fan which has survived all of our testing with flying colours. Additional thermal management is provided by the cold pressed Al Alloy with thermal conductivity of 226 W/m.K which is 42% more conductive compared to the cheaper kits using die cast heat sinks.
  • LIGHT OUTPUT – Needless to say our foremost criteria in light output demanded excellent in lux performance and excellent net light volume, but just as equally important was that the beam must be uniform and free of hot and cold spots.To meet this demand, countless hours of optic ray tracing tests were performed to ensure a universally coherent focal sweet spot is achieved.  Powered by Cree’s ground breaking XHP50 using the SC5 Technology™ Platform, a there is no shortage of brightness. We are so confident that our Night Pilots will exceed your expectation, we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee, and a real 24 month replacement warranty.


  • CAN-Bus error FREE Module
  • Electrically Protected again RF and EM Interference
  • Over and Under Voltage Protection
  • Waterproof connectors

Different vehicles may have different headlight dust-cover caps. In some cases this may not fit, or may require modification to fit once our conversion kit is installed.